My top 5 brands

The idea behind grandermarnier is to offer an alternative view on how we choose our clothes. That being said, I'm not here to get all preachy and tell you how to spend your money, I'm here to show you there are multiple options available for you and you don't have to sacrifice your style. As a vegan, finding clothes that are cruelty-free (no leather, silk, wool, snakeskin, etc.) but in line with my personal style was difficult for me at first. When people hear the words 'vegan fashion', more often than not stereotypical images come to mind like bright baggy trousers or itchy hemp tunics. But hey, it's 2017 and times have changed so let's kick those stereotypes to the kerb and celebrate the fact that we can have the best of both worlds now; stylish and ethical clothing.

If you have recently turned vegan, or are just interested in changing the way you buy your clothes, then like I was, you might be feeling a bit lost about where to buy your clothes from. To make things easier for you I've put together my top 5 brands who stock either wholly or partially vegan clothing (I bet some of them will surprise you). So check them out, they may even become your new fave...


5. Thamon London

The Leaf Fabric used in their bags, purses and accessories is a natural material based on sustainably sourced tree leaves. The leaves and the wood fibre are responsibly sourced for the production, no toxic treatments or dyes are applied and their work provides income to the communities involved in the harvest of the raw materials. I know right, freakin awesome. I love their backpacks and purses sooo much, each one is completely unique and you'd probably be the only one to have a leaf based purse - calling all trend-starters!

Their prices start from just £10 and the Sal Leaf Backpack (featured) is only £65, which is actually not bad compared to what you'd usually pay for a good quality leather backpack - even better when it's VCF (Vegan Cruelty Free)


4. Plant Faced

This ethical vegan streetwear brand is reshaping the image of streetwear in the UK, proving that you don't have to exploit workers or the earth to create wearable threads. I love streetwear and the stuff these guys have, from long sleeved printed tees to crop tops, is right up my street (pun life). From their use of organic cotton to the toxic-free ink used in the screen printing, Plant Faced have thought of every aspect of the manufacturing process and made sure it's ethical from start to finish. Their tee's start from around £22 and the women's hoodies are £46 - perfect for streetwear gals and guys who don't want to break the bank!

3. Viva La Vegan

Probably one of the most well known vegan brands, Viva La Vegan specialises in clothing for activism and positively promotes veganism. They also source all of their cotton from Turkey and is organic certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) so yeah they're pretty hot shit in the vegan fashion world! I heart this slouchy, off-the-shoulder varsity tee in coral, so good for the summer!

They also have a vintage collection that takes pre-owned and vintage garments and turns them into one-of-a-kind statement pieces. 

Viva La Vegan has won the award for Best Vegan Fashion at the Vegan Festival UK for the past 3 years!

2. Veja

Although this site does unfortunately stock leather products, they have an awesome collection of vegan shoes and as a company are committed to recycling, using organic cotton and generally being pretty damn responsible adults. Check out their canvas shoe collab with Surfrider, it's made of recycled plastic bottles and cotton - hell yeah. Their vegan sneakers are £65 and I'm legit buying a pair after payday, a girl can never have too many sneakers right?



Nasty Gal has got to be one of my all time favourite brands, shout out to Sophia Amoruso - my actual idol and spirit animal. Their LA vibes and 70's throwbacks come through in nearly everything they touch. They're also so cool about only stocking vegan leather products and not even making a big deal about it, I like that.

Check out their range of vegan leather shorts (featured in photo) - perfect for festival season. Everything from shorts, skirts, trousers and even chokers are available in vegan leather, so if you're a leather-obesser - go nuts!