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After doing so much research into all these amazing vegan brands I realised how much time you can spend trying to find the perfect style that doesn't compromise on ethics. You start with a simple Google search - but that's never enough. It can take ages to rifle through the internet thrift store of information and the whole process can seem like way too much effort. I'm putting together a list of brands that I've come across so far (bear with) that are either 100% vegan or at least heading in the right direction - we need to support those guys too! This list will only contain brands where I've actually read into their story or even met with the team behind the label - this ain't no copy and paste job people! If you know any vegan fashion brand you think should be featured, get in touch via the contact page to let me know!

last updated: January 2019


All Glamour No Guts

AGNG was founded in 2014, starting small with just necklaces, but have developed their brand and their range now includes t-shirts, bags, accessories, stationary and mugs. The tattoo themed illustrations are so creative and edgy, they've really made their own signature style when it comes to spreading the vegan message!

B S july.jpg

beyond skin

I have a problem. A shoe problem. Can you relate? If so, you're in luck! Beyond Skin have a beyond amazing collection of vegan leather shoes, from flats to heels to boots. They make all their shoes using vegan leather or other vegan materials and are PETA approved - so you can strut your stuff safe in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of your shoes.


charlie feist

I love the designs of the Charlie Feist backpacks, perfect for everyday use and so versatile. They recycle 10 plastic bottles to make the material for the backpacks and only use vegan leather. Check out their Instagram too; it’s a great page to follow for news surrounding vegan fashion and sustainability.

VLV July.png

viva la vegan

VLV is committed to the vegan clothing revolution and have been at the forefront of this movement for quite some time, winning numerous awards and are well known for their powerful messages delivered via super cute tee's and sweaters. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Jay Charlton, at the Bristol Veg Fest while buying one of their vintage shirts with a printed slogan on the back saying "until every cage is empty" (and also a button that says "KALE YEAH" #don'tjudgeme) and she was so lovely! 

heartcure july.png


HeartCure Clothing donates all of their proceeds to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary so they can continue to be a haven for rescued animals that would have otherwise been killed. Mainly stocking t-shirts and other loungewear, HeartCure is a great go-to for those wardrobe staples with a twist!

VLV July.png

matt & nat

Well known brand Matt & Nat specialise in making bags that are 100% vegan and 100% freakin beautiful. Based in Montreal, Canada, M&N strives to produce bags that not only have a low-impact on the planet, but will also last a lifetime! The linings of the bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (21 bottles are used in each bag!)


Veganized World

These guys know their stuff about t-shirts. Seriously, if you're looking for a vegan t-shirt you absolutely have to buy it from here! They print funny vegan-themed slogans, puns and altered logos onto t-shirts that are 100% sweat shop free. The company only uses W.R.A.P Gold certified factories, have solar-powered sewing floors and are eco-conscious with their use of materials. I bought the classic Lentil's design, you can see my photos of it on my Instagram page @grandermarnier