Is our government serious?


The definition of sentient is to be “able to perceive or feel things” yet the UK government have decided that this doesn’t apply to animals unless they are pets. Because that definitely makes sense, one day an animal can’t feel pain, but take it home and put a collar round it’s neck and then it can! Is a rabbit that you give to your child to play with worth more than the rabbit having cosmetics tested on it? I really do have to wonder if the current government is even sentient themselves? Can they not feel the pain this law will cause? Can they not understand the scientific progress that will be lost if they go through with this?


In November 2017, Environment Secretary Michael Gove told the UK media “The prime minister has made clear that we will strengthen our animal welfare rules,” “This government will ensure that any necessary changes required to UK law are made in a rigorous and comprehensive way to ensure animal sentience is recognised after we leave the EU.” Yet the small majority carried in the House of Commons and the EU law of animal sentience was dropped. If we can’t count on the government to recognise sentient beings, what can we count on them for? 


The dropping of this EU law basically means that now not all animals are covered in the UK’s 2006 Animal Welfare Act, only domestic animals and expressly not including animals in the wild and laboratories. This ‘one rule for one, one rule for another’ attitude is completely typical of the current government, showing their complete disregard for the sanctity of life and human compassion. This will mean lower animal welfare standards and more allowances for cruelty against animals, not something I would be proud of saying my country is responsible for. 


Darren Jones MP for Bristol North West voted ‘aye’ (as did three other Bristol MPs – go Brizzle!!) – here’s the list of all the people who voted for and against the law being transferred over (the ones who voted ‘no’ are the ones who believe animals are not sentient beings) Why not check out if your local MP was for or against the transfer? If they voted ‘no’ you could send them a letter and ask them why they made this decision and see if you could get them to reason with you. 


Issues like this make me so angry and I’m glad I am now surrounded by so many amazing vegans who share my passion for true animal welfare and will support me in my campaigning against cruelty to all beings. If you feel this decison was unjust and want to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, The Official Animal Rights March is on 25th August 2018 meeting at 12pm at Millbank, SW1P 3JA. I’ll be going – along with some vegan boss babes – hope to see you there too! Here’s a link to the Facebook event for more information.