5 vegan fashion bloggers you should be following


It’s officially been a year since I started this blog, which is amazing but also very scary! There is still so much I want to share with you all and so much great things happening in vegan fashion at the moment that I want to shout about – it’s just finding the time to get all my ideas put into actions… Over the past year I have learnt so much about the vegan fashion world and the brands making it a movement, but I’ve also discovered the bloggers who are putting those brands in the limelight and telling the world all about the great work they do. I think bloggers can sometimes be dismissed in the creative industry, maybe just because of the sheer volume of them (there are soooo many bloggers out there guys) but I really value what they/we do and I think the fashion industry depends on us to get the word out in today’s digital society.

With this in mind, I thought it would be cool to share with you lot the vegan fashion bloggers I follow and why I absolutely admire them for their style and ethics. These are the women leading the vegan fashion movement and making sustainability sexy! (they all just happen to be women, I’m still on the lookout for male vegan fashion bloggers) This is what I originally set out to do with Grandermarnier, show the world that vegan fashion is modern, on-trend and sexy, not the old image of harem pants and hoodies. So have a look through, check them out on Instagram and, if you’re feeling super generous, let them know you found them through my blog :)



Ok, this woman is a real-life goddess. I’ve followed Valeria for about a year now and I absolutely love what she is about! Her brand is all about a lifestyle with a conscience, covering fashion, travel, food and lifestyle products. She’s based in Miami but travels all around the world blogging about eco-travel and sustainable places to stay – seriously check her out before you plan a trip, you might just save yourself a lot of research. Her outfits are always so dreamy, long flowing dresses or cool organic cotton t-shirts. Every outfit has a message, she explains where it’s from and what that brand is doing differently, which makes me admire her blog even more, it’s not just “ooh look at my outfit” it’s actually serving a purpose; to promote the people behind the vegan fashion brands and show how stylish vegan fashion can be!

Her website is full of awesome eco-friendly tips and great sources to buy plastic-free items for yourself and your home, and there’s even a ‘shop’ page where you can buy things directly from her site – so tempting!




Marta Canga

London-based YouTuber Marta Canga is well known in the vegan fashion community for her classy outfits and her A+ styling, she is arguably the most stylish vegan blogger I know. She really believes in developing your own style and not just following trends, which is good because with vegan fashion we’re not always given access to the latest trends. Her outfits are a mix of casual-boho and office-chic, so there’s something for everyone, and she is the queen of accessories regularly featuring Votch watches, LaBante bags and always has the best boots in town!

Marta has a YouTube channel, Instagram, and a website – I highly recommend checking out all three. Her videos on YouTube are so cool, I especially like the “one bag, three outfits” one – so many great styling ideas!




The Green Monki

Chloe is a fabulous vegan fashion blogger and is the best for making you say “I want that!” – kind of the whole aim of a blogger… She is based in Belgium and is a Fashion Revolution Coordinator (even more reason to love her) and also does travel pieces too. Her style is quite diverse and she doesn’t seem to settle on just one ‘thing’, which I love. She writes really good blog posts, which can seem like an obvious must-have for a blogger but honestly a lot of ‘bloggers’ these days seem to focus more on the photos and less on the writing, which is a shame as I think writing blogs is a great way for people to talk about what they really care about.

The Green Monki is on Instagram and she has a website. Check out her blog post “Eco Fashion Outfit of the day #5: Vegan perfecto and activist brands” for great info about her cork jacket and why cork is the new leather.




Vegans First

I recently discovered Tully’s blog and instantly fell in love with it! Her blog is full of passion and everything she talks about relates back to why she became vegan in the first place and why she thinks you should do too. It’s easy to get caught up in blogging and forget about the real reason you’re doing it, so it’s great to see how Tully sticks to her true beliefs and makes everything about the mission of spreading veganism. Vegans First covers everything from food, to make up and clothing, really good for first-time vegans as it has everything you need all in one place!

I would recommend reading her blogs “best vegan & cruelty free shoes” and “best cruelty free vegan make up & cosmetics” – they’re my favourite! Tully isn’t on social media, so head straight to her website to read her blogs and find out more about her.



Love and Blossoms

If you haven’t already heard about Love and Blossoms now’s your chance to find out about her and act like you knew the whole time (come on, we all do that) She has the largest following of any vegan fashion blogger on Instagram so clearly she’s doing something right and we should all take notes. Her style is uh-mazing and she has been named the Best Dressed Vegan by PETA, life goals anyone? Sruti’s style is classic and very London-style, mixing clean-cut silhouettes with bright bold colours for dramatic outfits.

Her blog is mainly photos, which I wouldn’t really class as a blog but they are so good for outfit inspo, and her commitment to fitness is another thing that features heavily on her website so check it out if that’s what you’re looking for. She also has an amazing Pinterest page so have a look at that if you’re happy to lose 4 hours in the blink of an eye.



Hope you guys enjoyed reading about the vegan fashion bloggers I follow, let me know what you think or if there are some you know about that I didn't mention? Have a lovely week, chat soon xoxo