An interview with Style with a Smile

Let me just start by saying thank you so much everyone for the fantastic response I got last month for the interview piece I did with Love and Blossoms aka Sruti the Fabulous! It was so great to get such positive feedback from an idea I’ve been thinking about for so long :) It’s inspired me to keep going and keep reaching out to more amazing people who share my passions for animals, fashion and saving the planet.

This month I am very happy to say that the absolutely gorgeous Noa from Style with a Smile has taken the time to do an interview with me! Noa Ben-Moshe is a vegan fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger who has been a real inspiration to me as I started my blog and joined Instagram. It was great to come across her IG and see such happy, positive posts and a genuine passion for what she does. It’s actually Noa’s birthday TODAY guys!! So head over to her website here and check out her posts, and then follow her on Instagram by clicking here (you won’t regret it!)

Have a read of what I asked Noa and find out how she got started on her journey into veganism and how this led to the amazing work she’s doing right now…


Q. When did you start exploring vegan fashion? What made you change how you view your wardrobe?

A. I started exploring vegan fashion the day I turned vegan, almost six years ago. When I opened my eyes and heart to animal cruelty, I changed how I view not only my closet but also every aspect of my life and choices- I didn’t want to support any kind of cruelty anymore. Not with my food, not with my clothes, not with my cosmetics, and not with anything else. I’ve made another big change in my wardrobe since last May, after watching the very famous documentary “The True Cost”- and stopped consuming fast, unethical fashion and buy only what I need- I’m on a fashion “no buy” ever since that day- it was challenging at the beginning, as buying clothing was some kind an addiction for me, but now it is just the most incredible feeling. I discovered my style, what works best for me and what I actually wear.

Q. You have been writing articles for ELUXE Magazine, the world’s first sustainable luxury publication, what have you learnt from this experience so far?

A. AH! Working for ELUXE has been amazing and I’m so proud to be part of it- I feel like it’s my second baby, in a way, since I’m their journalist and Social Media Manager, and do a lot around this magazine. During my work for them I’ve learnt a lot about how things on magazines work behind the scenes and about many sustainability issues, sustainable materials and ethical luxury. I’ve spent hours on research and educated myself further and evolved as a writer, blogger and a person.

Q. What would you say are the main differences between vegan fashion and sustainable fashion?

A. Vegan fashion isn’t necessarily eco-friendly. Materials like PVC, polyester, PU or acrylic that are made from plastic, aren’t good for the environment, but the good news is that there are way more sustainable, cruelty-free textiles out there, and the number of options just keeps on growing as the market is growing and evolving.


Q. There are so many great vegan brands to support now! Which ones really stand out for you?

A. That’s right, there are so so many and it’s so hard for me to choose. I’d stay the ones who really stand out for me are humour.noir, Natacha Serrussi, Colibri, Ovide, Nae, Mink shoes, Osier and Poetique Paris.

Q. What’s the piece of vegan clothing/accessory that you couldn’t live without?

A. My Colibri Vesper bag and my Matt and Nat Kintla bag, these are just essentials for me on the go.

Q. Who is your personal style icon?

A. I love the Parisian style, and my personal style icon would be JeanneDamas- She isn’t vegan but she is super stylish- I love her effortless, chic, simple and natural vibe. Apart from being stylish, she seems like a nice, smart and very successful young woman and I appreciate her for that. She has her own clothing line, and it’s ethically made, too!

Q. Have you found any items that are difficult/impossible to find a vegan alternative for?

A. Actually, not. There is an alternative for everything nowadays and way more than just one :)

Q. Where do you see the vegan fashion industry in the next 5 years?

A. I see it growing, as the demand is growing. More innovative textiles will be for sure introduced to us and the current ones, like Pinatex, Zoa, Cartina and even coffee leather will be used more and more. More vegan brands will enter the market and non-vegan brands will use more vegan-friendly textiles and alternatives.