Project JUST

This week I found such a great website - I had to share it with you guys! It's called Project JUST and it's an online platform for you to use to research into the brands you buy from (and ones you don't yet!) and see how ethical their practices are, what policies they abide by and how transparent their manufacturing processes are. This is such a good tool to use if you are becoming more interested in what's behind the labels you're buying. 

You can search up to 3 different brands a month for free or pay $5/$10 a month and have less restrictions. Great to use for us shoppers but also great for brands as they can check if they're on the site, update the administrators on their current practices or ask to be added to the site. It's also great for research purposes if you're looking into a brand, deciding if you would like to work for them or give them your money.

The power is in the purse. I truly believe that we can control so much if we just shop wisely and take the time to learn about where our clothes come from and making sure everyone's been given a fair deal along the way. This project gives me hope that there is now more demand out there to know what really goes on in the fashion industry and that we are tired of handing over our hard earned cash blindly! Check out the website for yourself by following the link below: