Vegan fashion on a budget

January. Urgh, I know right, the word alone makes most people shudder! It’s cold, Christmas is so far away (344 days to be exact) and everyone is broke. Well at least I am. It’s also so annoying because we’re surrounded by so many sales this month and it can be tempting to spend what you don’t have on things you don’t need.

A lot of people have said to me they would like to ‘veganize’ their wardrobe but worry about the cost, they’re used to shopping at fast-fashion retailers and feel daunted by the prospect of change. I’ve put together a few ideas that I think could help with this fear, and give you a few ideas for ways to shop vegan and ethically on a budget!

A thrift store I fell in love with in Manhattan called Beacon's Closet

A thrift store I fell in love with in Manhattan called Beacon's Closet

Buy pre-owned clothing

A great way of cutting costs with clothes shopping is opting for second hand or vintage, it recycles the clothes that are already in circulation and can save you so much money! Vintage shops, charity shops and kilo sales are great places to start, and you can even find designer brands at a fraction of the original price!

If you’re more into online shopping; Depop, Bbay, Etsy and ASOS Marketplace are where I’d recommend looking for a bargain, and look out for vegan and ethical brands that have made their way onto those sites.

clothes swap.jpg

Have a clothes swap with your friends

I’ve actually done this before, unintentionally! I was selling a few pieces on Depop and asked my friends to come over to help model some of the clothes. Before I knew it they were thrusting cash at me and taking home dresses, jeans and jackets that I was about to sell online! Obviously the idea of a clothes swap is to take pieces of clothing from your friends in exchange for them taking yours, but hey whatever works for you!

It’s actually a great way of mixing up your wardrobe and a chance to wear things you wouldn’t normally pick. Why not make a night of it? Have some cocktails, throw on some 90’s R&B and have a laugh dressing up in each others clothes! Free clothes and alcohol? Sounds like my kind of party!

Free People faux fur coat

Free People faux fur coat

Buy off-season

After a season comes to an end, retailers are desperate to get rid of their stock, sometimes offering sales of up to 70% off! This is the time to strike! It sounds weird but buying your coats in summer and your bikinis in winter can actually save you a shed load of cash. The only hard thing will be wanting to wear your new faux fur coat in the middle of July!

Cute t-shirts by Veganized World

Cute t-shirts by Veganized World

Support vegan brands

There are so many great vegan companies that I’ve mentioned before on previous blog posts; Viva La Vegan, Heartcure Clothing + Veganized world, to name a few… These guys know good fashion and their products are not expensive at all! Everything is ethically sourced and manufactured and you can feel proud supporting a vegan brand and not having to break the bank to do it!

Sew-on badges from All Glamour No Guts

Sew-on badges from All Glamour No Guts


Before you reach for your vegan leather purse, think to yourself; “Do I really need to buy this?” Are you sure you don’t have this already or could you maybe fix something that’s ripped or stained? Pinterest is filled with super easy quick fashion fixes to revamp your tired threads, and don’t be afraid to try a YouTube tutorial or two to learn a new sewing skill!

Buy hey, we’re not all Coco Chanel, so if you don’t want to spend time neatly fixing things why not just throw some patches and pins on there? Yolo. These badges from All Glamour No Guts are so freakin’ cute I might just rip my shirt I’m wearing now just to have an excuse to get one! Of course you can add these little guys on to any piece of clothing you want, damaged or not, but there’s something quite nice about ‘patching things up’ you know? #MakeDoAndMend



Shopping ethically is about being conscious about what you’re buying and making sure that the process is fair; from the factory conditions of garment workers to the sourcing of the materials used. It can seem like a lot of work at times but there are shortcuts!

I recently discovered a new app called ‘Good On You’ which provides information on thousands of brands from around the world! I just downloaded the app and can use it to research high street brands to find out about their transparency and manufacturing processes. This way you can see how ethical a brand is and get information on their practices. It’s best to make the decision for yourself when it comes to high street retailers, do the research and decide what’s right for you. The bar isn’t the same for everyone.

core closet.jpg

Develop a core wardrobe

A core wardrobe is a few fixed pieces that you have invested in that can be rotated over the seasons and means you only need to add in some new basics every now and then. It’s a great way of honing your personal style and de-cluttering your closet! Having this approach to fashion means your less likely to buy clothes for the sake of it and makes you think before you spend, saving you money and saving the Earth!

Hopefully these suggestions can help you pinch a few pennies as we struggle through this wretched month! If you have any comments on this post please feel free to write them in the comments section below! You can also check out more of what I'm up to on my Instagram page @grandermarnier - just follow the social media links at the bottom of the page :) x