Hey guys – sorry about the lack of blog post last week, life kinda crept in there and f’d up my plans. Doesn’t matter though because here’s a brand spanking new blog post for ya! This week I want to share with you my latest idea to get folks excited about vegan fashion, and it’s one I’m really excited about (so pretend you’re interested ok?)

#OutfitVeganized is my brain-child idea to “veganize” outfits that contain an animal product like cow’s leather, silk, wool, etc… I want to show people that they can still get the look they want and reflect their personal style, without the use of animal-based materials!

This idea came about after I started thinking back to when I first turned vegan and felt completely panicked that I wouldn’t know what to buy in terms of clothing, shoes and accessories. At the time there really wasn’t enough information out there for a frightened little newbie vegan out in the big wide world – or at least, it wasn’t easy for me to find. #OutfitVeganized will show people how I create outfits inspired by fashion bloggers, models, celebrities and classic looks, without using any clothing that uses an animal – what’s not to love, right?

Today is my 3rdoutfit that I’ve veganized so far and the response from you guys on Instagram has been insane!! I’ve had messages from people saying they love the idea and want to see more of this so I’m really hoping this can kick start something big and inspire a heck load of style-savvy gals to drop the animal skins and pick up some compassionate garms.

So, I think I’ve made you wait long enough… here is my latest #OutfitVeganized… * drum roll please * IT’S A RACHEL OUTFIT EVERYONE!!!! That’s right. I went there. A Rachel outfit just got veganized.

Rachel Outfit Veganized.png

As a hardcore FRIENDS fan it was only a matter of time before I recreated one of my favourite Rachel outfits, and this one was too good to resist! I have to shout out Depop for this look as every single piece I bought for this was found through their app. Here’s a breakdown of the items I used to style this look:

  • Boxy jacket – Depop: Cos £23

  • Denim dungarees – Depop: Topshop £7 (seven poundsssss!!!)

  • Striped top (already owned from a clothes swap)

  • White sneakers – Depop: H+M £4

Total outfit cost = £34

To veganize Rachel’s outfit, all I had to do was make sure the sneakers I bought weren’t made of leather and that the jacket didn’t contain wool. Luckily, as Cos and H+M are both high street brands they were made of synthetic fabric instead. I am in love with the jacket, it’s like the jacket I never knew I needed until I opened that parcel from the lovely Anna from Depop. I actually think I would wear this look for like a casual brunch or a day trip somewhere, super cute for late summer.

So yeah, that’s the #OutfitVeganized for this week, and a bit of an explanation about what this is all about (hope it makes sense!) Let me know if you like this idea and if you have any suggestions for outfits you’d like me to veganize!