New found app'iness

Like most of us these days I’m guilty of spending way too much time on my phone, staring at the screen and scrolling for hours on end. Recently, however, I’ve been putting my screen-time to good use by researching some of the best ethical fashion and beauty apps out there. I realised it’s important to have information about vegan and ethical fashion ‘on-hand’ and what better way than with an app?

It’s important to know what we’re spending our money on and how that company conducts business. Are they paying their workers a fair wage? Do they use animal-derived ingredients? Are they being transparent about their manufacturing process? These are all questions that could take you hours to find out if you sat down and tried to research it all, but these handy little apps do the legwork for you!

1. Faer

I am obsessed with this new app I’ve found – Faer is hands-down the best app for finding fashion trends and picking which brand best suits your ethics. Not everything on the app is going to be vegan but all of the brands are ethical and you can make informed decisions. You can even screenshot or save an image of an outfit or piece that you like and it will search for similar things on the app! There’s a section where you can find local stores that stock the item you’re looking for, making it that much easier to support these ethical brands and connect with them in person.

2. Leaping Bunny

Everyone probably already knows about the Leaping Bunny app but I still think it’s one of the best resources, especially for vegans. I use it to search for a product that I need, i.e. mascara, and then see which brands make it and whether it’s vegan/cruelty-free or not. It’s great to know that all that up-to-date information is in one place ready for you to use when you need it. It’s got huge amounts of brands in the database and I’d say roughly 50% are vegan/cruelty-free, which is a great sign for where the beauty industry is heading. 

3. Good on You

This app is one that I’ve mentioned before but it’s the best app for finding out all the information you need to know about a brand before deciding to purchase from them. You can find out information about brands like their labour, animal welfare and environmental ratings, and then Good on You gives you their overall rating. There are features that show you similar brands and also where the nearest retailer is that stocks the brand (usually online so don’t panic if you live in the middle of nowhere!) They also do regular blog posts which are so good to read and can give you further insight into what makes a brand ethical. It’s so good to find out information that isn’t always readily available to the public and having it all in one place makes it super easy to research your favourite brands and make conscious decisions while shopping!


So there you have it. What I think are the best 3 apps for vegan and ethical fashion and beauty. If you know of any other ones I should check out please do let me know!