Brand of the Month: Watson & Wolfe


For June, my brand of the month is Watson & Wolfe, and I’m delighted to be sharing a menswear brand with you all, as it’s not something I get to do often! They are a British company, founded by Helen Farr-Leander in 2016 (click here to read my last blog post where I got to ask Helen all about how she started this company up and her journey with vegan fashion)

Watson & Wolfe make vegan luxury accessories for men, including wallets, credit card cases and travel accessories. Their products range from £30-75, which makes them really accessible in the luxury product market. All their pieces are made with vegan leather, which is a polymer made in part with plant Bio-Polyols, elements derived from non-food grade plant material such as rapeseed and corn. Currently, their vegan leather is made with at least 50% bio plant material, although they hope one day this can be 100%.


The linings of the products are made with recycled PET plastic (recycled post-consumer plastic that is turned into PET yarn). They’ve also gone one step further and ensured that their gift packaging (tissue paper + cardboard sleeve) is made from recycled paper/cardboard and can be recycled by the customer after use. You can find out more about their materials here.


Men are becoming ever curious about eco fashion and ought not to be forgotten or neglected. We need to make sure the menswear market has vegan brands breaking through to provide alternatives to clothing and accessories made with animal products. This is why I’m so glad Watson & Wolfe approached me, as it’s my main aim to promote brands that are leading the way for vegan fashion to become more accessible for everyone. Their accessories are designed for men, but there is no reason why us girls can’t purchase – ladies, if wallets is your thing, you are in the right place!

By the way, for more vegan fashion for men inspiration, check out The Brave Gentleman, Po-Zu and Thought Clothing.


Watson & Wolfe very kindly sent me the “vegan leather travel wallet in black” to review and share with you guys! The exterior is made of their incredibly soft vegan leather material and the lining is made with recycled PET plastic. It looks and feels like a high quality leather wallet, but somehow seems even more luxurious to me knowing that it’s vegan – is that just me or do you guys feel that way too?


It’s designed to contain all you’d need for a trip abroad and the size is perfect for fitting in your pocket or in the front section of a suitcase. Here are the features:

· 2 passport pockets

· 5 card pockets

· 1 full length pocket for notes

· 1 full length zipped pocket for coins

· 1 full width and full depth pocket for documents

· 1 slip in pocket


One of my favourite features about this brand is that they let you add initials to their products, which make these the perfect gifts for the men in your life, especially if they’ve recently turned vegan and aren’t sure if they will find vegan alternatives to the accessories they use. I got my boyfriend’s initials added and it’s going to make a perfect gift for him - when we go on our next trip I’ll be sure to share some more feedback on it!