Brand of the Month: Ethcs

Hey guys! How you been? Had a couple weeks off to recharge and have a mini holiday. Turns out it was much needed, as I feel so much more refreshed and ready to get stuck back in now. This last week has been so crazy. I went camping over the weekend and had a blast with my boyfriend and friends, it was so nice to get away from the city and enjoy nature fully. Then, the day I went back to work, I was featured in a BBC article about sustainable fashion and had such an amazing response from people who saw it! I even had people texting me saying “I’ve just seen you in the news!” – very surreal! 


Lately, I’ve been talking to more people about my blog, and vegan/sustainable fashion in general, there seems to be a growing interest in this area and I love that people around me are coming to me to have these conversations and debates. This is really what drives me, being able to write about topics I’m interested in and sparking conversations with people that can challenge perceptions and inspire some change (for the good). So just a quick little thank you to anyone who’s reading this or taking an interest in what I do – you the best.

Photo by Ethcs

Photo by Ethcs

Right, onto the main event; September’s “Brand of the Month”. This month, I want to give a shout out to Ethcs, a vegan streetwear brand based in the UK. I first spotted this brand at a Veg Fest in Bristol and fell in love with their aesthetics. I’ve always loved streetwear, but have found it hard to find decent brands that are ethical and vegan too. 


They are PETA certified which means their clothes contain no animal products and the ink doesn’t contain any animal derivatives. I also spotted some other great eco-credentials on their website:


  • They only work with factories that have ethical working certifications

  • Most of their clothes are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation

  • Only organic cotton used (reducing their carbon footprint by 90%) and GOTS certified 

  • T-shirts are made with 95% recycled monsoon water

  • Climate Neutral - manufactured in India solely using renewable energy from wind and solar power


I also found a dedicated part of their website that explains why they are a vegan company with some great facts and answers to FAQs about veganism. This really was a huge tick for me as many “vegan” fashion brands just slap the word ‘vegan’ on a cheaply made t-shirt and don’t actually fight for the cause. Ethcs are clearly passionate about animal liberation and they have a huge presence in the vegan community, taking part in marches and vegan events. 

Photo by Ethcs

Photo by Ethcs

Ethcs offers a range of athleisure wear for women and men, such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, as well as hats and bags, mostly with a minimalist, monochrome design. There are t-shirts with their logo on and various slogans, some really good staples for your wardrobe. Camo hoodies and sweats offer a more on-trend option and there is even a branded Ethcs bumbag for you festivalgoers. 

Photo by Ethcs

Photo by Ethcs

When I was at Vegan Life Live in London earlier this year, a grey sweater caught my eye at their stand, and I made a beeline from across the room. I had been on the hunt for a nice cosy sweater for the colder months, and this one was ticking all the boxes. It’s incredibly soft on the inside and the whole thing feels like very good quality, like it’s going to last me a really long time. Now the colder days are approaching, I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater more and reppin’ the Ethcs label proudly. 

2014-12-31 23.00.00-16.jpg
2014-12-31 23.00.00-27.jpg