Snaps for ASOS

As a devoted ASOS customer for over 10 years (WOW I’m old) I have followed their progress and the changes the brand has been through. Founded in 2003 it was originally seen as a passing fad, just somewhere for young girls to get cheap clothes for their nights out and then be tossed away. ASOS has stood the test of time and worked its way to the number two position in online fashion retailing. It has also proven itself to be more than just throwaway fashion, becoming more of a trailblazer of high street style than anyone expecting. Snaps for ASOS! *snaps fingers* 

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 13.04.00.png

In recent years however, they seem to have taken things one step further by showing their commitment to the eco-fashion movement, and in doing so have attracted a wider target market (some smart cookies up in the marketing department no doubt). Their Eco Edit makes it easier for people to shop anything from low-impact clothing, sustainable brands and cruelty-free beauty products. 

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They regularly highlight the positive work done by the brands they stock and promote up-and-coming brands that are taking a more honest approach to retail. Receiving the ASOS emails and magazines helps me stay up to date with what they’re doing and the new brands coming through the doors and would recommend it if you’re a die-hard ASOS fan like myself. One of the names I spotted recently was Gestuz, a Scandinavian brand that feature some pieces made using polyester sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The prices don’t exactly make you jump for joy but there are a few investment pieces that would be worth it, like these uhhhhh-mazing culottes – how perfect for Autumn are these??

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 15.35.00.png




ASOS also recently launched a new recycled denim initiative where they are re-using old fabric and combining it with CmiA (Cotton made in Africa, an aid initiative that works to improve living conditions of cotton farmers across Africa). 


Oh and not totally related but they’ve also stopped photo shopping their models on their website – HELL FREAKIN YEAH!!!