An interview with Marta Canga

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Happy Monday you beautiful people! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and that your day hasn’t been too bad so far? If it’s been a bummy day, here’s something that will cheer you up… an interview with MARTA CANGA! I’m so excited to feature Marta on my blog as I have been following her work since I started writing about vegan fashion and she is such an inspiration to us vegan fashion bloggers.

If you don’t already follow her on Instagram; 1.) what you been doing hun? 2) your feed is about to get a whole lot better! (follow her @marta_canga) Her website is such a treasure chest of vegan fashion and lifestyle information - I love reading her blog posts and recommendations on vegan beauty products! ( Marta also makes brilliant YouTube videos and it’s great to see her reviews of new clothes and accessories as you can get a genuine overview of a product before you choose to buy - most of us now rely largely on reviews before we click ‘buy now’, so it’s worth checking out what she recommends ( She knows a lot about vegan fashion brands and has worked with several through her blogging, so I trust her opinion 100% - check out her pages and see what I’m talking about!

Marta and I connected through Instagram and bumped into each other at the Bare Fashion Show in 2018, she’s such a lovely person and a great writer. I’m very happy to get the chance to interview her about vegan fashion and hopefully give you guys a bit more insight into her world. Enjoy the read :)

All photography by Alessia Chinazzo (Check her out on Instagram @alessiachinazzo)

Q) When did you start exploring vegan fashion? What made you change how you view your wardrobe?

A) I was following a plant-based diet for about 2 years, and I had started to switch to cruelty-free, vegan and natural beauty out of pure curiosity and to start getting closer to that ‘vegan label’ I suppose. Then one day I was searching for a new wallet to replace my leather one and thought to myself ‘if I claim to be ‘vegan’, surely I shouldn’t wear leather?’ Then I started researching brands and the only thing I could find was Matt and Natt at that time. So from that moment on I set myself the challenge to help others find nice-looking, vegan and environmentally-friendly brands and I have been doing that ever since!

In terms of my wardrobe, one of my colleagues at my previous work showed me @aliaslouiseblog’s Instagram account and I completely fell in love! I also watched The True Cost and that changed everything for me in terms of sustainable fashion. I started then shopping less, clearing my wardrobe more regularly and if I do buy, I am a lot more conscious about my decisions!

Q) You are well known for making fabulous YouTube videos, often including travel around the world. What can you tell us about the different perceptions of veganism in the countries you’ve visited?

A) Thank you so much, I do try! I think the UK is really advanced in terms of veganism and it’s such a pleasure living in this country (London is particularly vegan-friendly!). I am originally from Spain, and every time I go back home I really struggle to eat healthy vegan food. I tend to just opt for the salads, bread and potatoes…! Vegetarianism, as a whole, is seen as a ‘sacrifice’ and you’re seen as crazy to give up on such amazing food. In Belgium, where I was raised, there is a bit more option, soy milk is more readily available but not everywhere. There are more veggie options too, but veganism is still not quite there yet compared to the UK. Another very cool place for veganism I have found is Copenhagen.

Q) What would you say to people who don’t know what vegan fashion is?

A) It’s something I have to explain quite regularly, I tend to say it’s fashion that is kind towards the animals and it’s a type of fashion that avoids any animal suffering, therefore refusing to wear leather, wool, down, silk and fur amongst many other things. I tend to clarify that no, animal is not a by-product of the meat industry, and that it is not biodegradable!

Q) There are so many great vegan brands to support now! Which ones really stand out for you?

A) Depends for what, but it’s true there is so much out there! Clothing wise, I absolutely adore People Tree, Armed Angels, Sisterhood, Jan n June, Cossac, Miss Green, Ekyog and Elementy (I also shop sustainable and avoid fast-fashion at all costs). In terms of accessories, I love Votch, Minuit Sur Terre, The Lovely Things, By Blanch, Mireia Playa and the list goes on..!

Q) What’s the piece of vegan clothing/accessory that you couldn’t live without?

A) I’m a big fan of my vegan leather jacket from Poétique Paris, my vegan black coat from Jan n June, as well as my jeans from Armed Angels. Tough question though Sarah haha

Q) Who inspires your personal style?

A) I actually don’t have just one person, but I have been told I look like Olivia Palermo and I look up to her in so many ways! I do have a bit of a #girlcrush on her not going to lie. I love following @cocobeautea on Instagram for fashion inspo. Fun fact is that I follow not only sustainable/vegan fashion people but also mainstream ones to know what is fashionable, as I truly believe that people will only start shopping more consciously if clothes are accessible, fashionable and similar to what they know.

Q) Have you found any items that are difficult/impossible to find a vegan alternative for?

A) Yes, I really struggle with wool and finding nice, warm, vegan coats for the winter. I don’t want to support fast-fashion and plasticky materials, but equally I don’t want to wear wool, so this has been a major challenge and as a consequence I’ve only really worn my Hoodlamb coat this winter. But it’s not always the style I’ve wanted so I hope more and more sustainable companies will start offering warm clothes that do not contain any wool, cashmere or alpaca whilst still keeping warm on the cold nights!

Q) Where do you see the vegan fashion industry in the next 5 years?

A) 5 years is such a long time, I am not sure where it will be. I do hope it will be more established, a bit like vegan food is now. I think sustainable fashion as whole is taking the lead and I think vegan fashion is somewhat in between that and plant-based food. Slightly overshadowed but the more people become vegan, the more it will be mainstream. I know Marks and Spencer’s now have a vegan shoe line so I think more high street retailers are going to be competing with smaller, independent cruelty-free businesses. In any case, more options will be available that is for sure!